The Americana Collection Show 145

Tsp Americana Collection Show 145

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Carl Schwitzer's   Wide Open

Nathan King   The Story Of My Life

Lance Stinson   Watch This

Kevin Nevel   Dead Man Walking

Danny Allen   3 Shots Of Jager

Cynthia Gale   Honky Tonk Girl

Jimmy Rose   Living Lonely

Tony Fisher   The Trace

Forrest Burnett   Years On The Highway

Karianne Jean   Lost The Spark

Jason McCoy   I'd Rather Be Happy Than Right

The Lost Trailers   Underdog

Charlie Katt   Long Time To Be Nowhere

Ace Diamond   Bad Ass Hillbilly Band

J.R. Harris   When Mercy Found Me

Outro   Carl Schwitzer's   Wide Open