The Americana Collection Show 151

Tsp Americana Collection Show 151

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Carl Schwitzer   Wide Open

Rachel Lipsky   Ready Set Whiskey

Chris Daniels   Cabin Fever

Kent Steel & The Xtensions   2nd Floor On My Trailer

Larry M. Clark   House Of Beer

Dale Ann Bradley   Anybody Else’s Heart

Ray Solis   Casting A Line

Kelli Brogan (Steve Lowrey)   That Was Yesterday

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams    Down On My Knees

Sara Morgan   One Night At The Opry

Bryan Hayes   Tangle Me Up In You

Chris Daniels   Good Old Beast

Rick Ednie   I’m Not Buying

Dan Whitaker & The Shinebenders   Shinebender

Down Home Family   Stones

Outro   Carl Schwitzer   Wide Open