The Americana Collection Show 155

Tsp Americana Collection Show 155

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Carl Schwitzer   Wide Open

Indigo Summer  Summertime

Brian Rhea   Sunshine State Of Mind

Society Of Broken Souls   Chase County Line

Jay Brown  Ain’t Much Changed

Dulcie Taylor  Take A Chance

David LeFleur   The Rich Man Always Gets His Pay

Tommy Collier   Quit You

J.J. Ford   Find Me

Ashton Dupre (Seth Storer, Ashton Dupre, Jonah Guillory)   When She Drinks My Whiskey

Stacy Burk   Mix A Little

Dave Russell   Middle Of Nowhere

Eve Selis   See Me With Your Heart

Robb Moss   Light Of The Delta Moon

The Whetstone Mountain Boys   How Far Is Heaven

Outro   Carl Schwitzer   Wide Open