The Americana Collection Show 160

Tsp Americana Collection Show 160

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Carl Schwitzer   Wide Open

Austin Hanks   This Ain’t No Jukebox

Brenda Kaye Perry    Honkytonk Your Memory Away

Dustin Collins   Pieces

Brad Gray   I Had A Guitar

Matt Renner   Life Is Better Simple

Dorian Sean & Waldene Herring   Forever

John Penn   Time Don’t Wait

Kyle McIntyre   Grandfather

Sky Smeed   You Can’t Take Back

Kent Rose   Workingman’s Hands

Eileen Kozloff   Will You Still Be Mine

The Jimmy Ray Guns   High Voltage Love Affair

Benjy Gaither   Enough Of The Moon

Sunday Drive   I’ll Live In Glory

Outro   Carl Schwitzer   Wide Open