The Americana Collection Show 165

Tsp Americana Collection Show 165

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Carl Schwitzer's   Wide Open

Scott Smith   Waiting For The Next Gold Rush

Todd Barrow   In The Dirt

Shaun Michael   Home Alone

Mike Contoni   Here I Go Again

Shotgun Wedding   Footsteps Away

Sara Morgan   The Boots

Reeve Stimpson   Words You Say

Gary Braddy   Brandy On My Mind

John Crabtree   Memories, Dreams and Tequila

Conner Brooke Dryden   Someway Somehow

Mike Blakely   Same Old New Mexican Dream

Todd Barrow   Bad Tattoo

Kelley Ray King   Going Nowhere

Ila C. Knight   Waiting For The Lord

Outro   Carl Schwitzer   Wide Open