Country Legends in the Making Show 433

Country Legends In The Making Show 433

Hosted by Dixie McCorkell

Intro  Mississippi Chicken Pickin'

Reeve Stimpson   Where I'll Be

Steve Zuwala   Closer

Richard Scott (demo by Gaterhole)  You Don't Know Jack

Gary Ash   Swing Me Back Home

Bernie Faulkner  Potbelly Stove

The Scatterlings   The Whiskey King

Shane Martin   Goodbye Never

Jerry Pitman's Honky Tonk Fix

Clark Ford (demo by Underground Treehouse Studio)  You're The Best

Randy Moore   Going Back To Texas

Gary Ash   Ride This Barstool

Dave Insley   Drinkin' Wine & Staring At The Phone

Darrell Goldman   Between The Lines

JD Stone   All To You

Outro   Mississippi Chicken Pickin'