Country Legends in the Making Show 434

Country Legends In The Making Show 434

Hosted by Dixie McCorkell

Intro  Mississippi Chicken Pickin'

Richard Reed (vocals by Ryan Lucas)   Love Me Savanah

Dan Stevens   Crush Hour Traffic

Ronnie Clinton (Stacy Heydon)   Southern Pride

Allan Markin   Gonna Love ‘Em To Death (If It Kills Me)

TJ Doyle   Anonymous

Scott Smith   Now That I've Found You

Vanessa Delaine   Rainy Day

Darrell & Nemra Rhoden   Mend My Heart Again

Mark McHenry   Gitty Up

Ronnie Dye   Dance Of A Lifetime

Lamar Smyly   Jehovah's Day

Rustyn Vaughn Lee   You And Whiskey

Mike Wells   Destiny (Lessons Learned From The King)

Caleb Dinger   Loving Jesus Loving Others

Outro   Mississippi Chicken Pickin'