Country Legends in the Making Show 436

Country Legends In The Making Show 436

Hosted by Dixie McCorkell

Intro  Mississippi Chicken Pickin'

Jerry Pitman’s New Whiskey Revival (Pittman/Diehl)   Won't Leave 'Til The Drinkin's Done

Louis Sheridan   Treat Her Like A Lady

Michelle Ivey-Jordan   Shiftin' Gears

Left Arm Tan   El Camino

Flint Westrock   Cowboy Blues

Sweet Potatoes   Only Thing We Got

Art Carter   Little Dove

Michael Nerenberg   Most Beautiful Things

Barrel Boys   Cold Spring

Jeff Keith   Just Another Outlaw

The DSP Band (Per Øyvind Mathisen)   Grandpa On The Floor

Mark Dean   Free

Richard Scott (demo by Gaterhole Studios)   You Don’t Know Jack

Doug Spence (Mays/Mays)   Where Tears Won't Fall

Outro   Mississippi Chicken Pickin'