Country Legends in the Making Show 439

Country Legends In The Making Show 439

Hosted by Dixie McCorkell

Intro  Mississippi Chicken Pickin'

Jerry Pitman's New Whiskey Revival (Pittman/Diehl)   Late For Work Again

Ann Hamilton Wallace (vocals by Jerry Corbetta)   If Walls Could Talk

Ken Wilber  Country Home

Caleb Dinger   Just Say The Word

Cody Joe Hodges   Tangled In The Christmas Lights

Meg Devlin Irish   Dance With Me Tonight

Matthew Huff   Make Love To Me

Nina Soderquist and Bjorn Skifs   Goodbye

Gerry Hyde   Living On A Boat

The Captain's Crew (Eddie Francis)   Christmas Bells

Allan Markin   I'm Still Standing

Kevin Moynihan   22nd Hour

Frank Owen   Crockpots & Microwaves

Perry Snyder   What A Wonderful Day

Outro   Mississippi Chicken Pickin'