Country Legends in the Making Show 440

Country Legends In The Making Show 440

Hosted by Dixie McCorkell

Intro  Mississippi Chicken Pickin'

Razz Taylor   I Remembered Your Kiss

Mark McHenry   I Call It Love

Bryan Frazier   Lose Control

Tracy Barfield   Make It Back Home By Christmas Day

Nashville Honeymoon   Roll Me Up

The Barrel Boys   Bacon In The Cornbread

Matthew Huff   Tonight

Michael Duval   Long Gone Before

Michelle Ivey-Jordan  Razor Blades

Jake McRawlings   Children's Christmas Wish

Sweet Potatoes   Our Front Porch

Nashville Honeymoon   Cold Shoulder

Ken Wilber   Dangerous Curves

Edwin Tibbals   Thank You Lord

Outro   Mississippi Chicken Pickin'