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Radio Syndication

DJ's ,Programme Directors & Station Managers Please Note

Feel free to use our shows in your programming either the Country, Country Christian,Americana or Contemporary Christian Shows are all offrered to stations to use at their discretion totally free of any charges WE DO NOT CHARGE A LICENSING FEE for any show used ,but a simple note via e-mail to ddsj84@yahoo.com would be greatly appreciate as we like to keep track of where & who is using our Shows

Country Legends In The Making hosted by Dixie McCorkell is Tsp's flagship Radio show featuring only the very best in Independent Country Music Artists from around the world.Each show has a duration of approximately 55 minutes and plays quality original Country material.The shows are syndicated to AM/FM Radio networks around the globe,

Map of some of the syndication from ZFM Australia that carries our shows, 80 new stations in Australia will be added later in the year

offering maximum exposure for Indie Country performers. They are also available on podcast (follow the XML link ) and the recorded versions of each show is made available here both in stream & downloadable for those who unfortunately can't hear the actual AM/FM transmissions.