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Into The Light

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Into The Light Show 100

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

Ryan Watkins   Red

Caanan's Crossing   Closer Than A Brother

Robin Laine   My Best Friend

Keith Andrews   All You Need

John E. Stephens   It was The Blood On The Cross

Becky Wright   Come Lord Jesus

Big Mo   Angels Are Silent

Jimmy Howson (Howson/McBride)   Restored

Hearts Of Faith (Aven Grace)   A Love Like That

Zach Thomas   Coming Home

Hanna Webb   It's a Journey

Ben Tidwell   He Will Deliver Me

The Edwards Family (Jason Bradley Camp)   I Thank You Lord

Outro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

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