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Into The Light

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Into The Light Show 102

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

Mylon Hayes Family (R. Peck/A. Guyer)    One More Opportunity

Pruitts (Marty Funderburk)   You Don't Even Want To Make Me Pray

The Jones’s (Mathis/Peck) When All You Have Is Faith

Keith Plott (Joel Wesley Hemphill)   Jesus Have Mercy On Me

Giselle   There Is A Home There From Me

Ray Lormis   You Are More Than

Chuck Nesbitt   Amazed By Grace

Paul Lancaster   The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power

Blackwood Brothers Quartet   Forever Forgiven

Wendy Floyd (Gregg Floyd)   Take It To The Father

Robert Larabee   Godly Man

Hyssongs   There's Still Room, There's Still Hope, There's Still Time

The Bledsoes (Cathy McDaniels)   Heaven Will Be Worth It All

Outro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

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