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Into The Light

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Into The Light Show 105

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

Rivers Edge (Wood/Weeks/Brady)   I Keep Lookin' Up

Shane & Denise Jeter   The Struggle

Logan Dickenson   The King's Alive

The Hoppers (Cross/Wilkins)   If We Ever Gotta Look

New Journey (Black/West)   Tell Somebody

Logan Dickenson   Jesus In My Heart Right Now

Greg & Suzie York   You Can't Be A Beacon/This Little Light

Psalm 100 (I. Gore)   Lay Your Heartache At The Foot Of The Cross

Tracy Barfield   Not Of This World

The Nelons (Mizell/Fox)   My Father's House

Nick Akin   God Revive Us

Logan Dickenson   Walking In Heaven

Arise4   When The Lord Comes Callin'

Caleb Dennis   The Gravel Road

Outro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

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