Triplestrand Productions Presents

Into The Light

Into The Light Show 114 Download

Into The Light Show 114

Hosted By Dixie McCorkell

Intro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

Jim Brady Trio   God Is With Me

Carolina Blue   Are You Living Right?

Terri Gibbs   Brother Joe

Jerry Salley  The Preacher & The Stranger

The Captain's Crew   What Heaven Means To Me

Rich Owen   To Guide Me Home

Caleb Dennis   When Jesus Passed By

Rebecca Parr   Prince Of Peace

Brady, Stewart, Green & Young   Seek & Ye Shall Find

Easter Brothers   Old Fashion Talk With The Lord

Billy Chernoff   I Believe In An Old Fashioned Jesus

Jason Matthews   The Outlaw Jesus

Debbie Kelly   Heaven Bound Train

Outro   Stan Theriault's   Heaven's Gettin' Down

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