Welcome to Tsp Country Radio

Ok the site has changed a bit here so here I'll give a few pointers on how to navigate the new site.

The main site TspCountry Radio exists on

1 The Home page ,(that's the page that you land on when accessing the site )

2 The Submit page ( info on how to submit your music to us )

3 The Broadcast Release Form page (very important page because if this is not filled out you won't get play on our shows though part of the main site this page is carried on every page on the site so it's always easily found.

4 The Contact page ( e-mail form for you to contact us with )

That covers the basis of the main site.

Accessing the various show pages and downloads

The navigation menu top right of any page gives you complete access to other aspects of the site, and is used as follows.

To get to the Country Show (Country Legends In The Making ) click on Country Legends in the Menu this will take you to that portion of the site designated for that show, to access the Shows Page click on Shows in the menu, This will take you to the page where you can either hear the current Shows via the flash player or you can download any particular show by clicking on the download link beside each show. This link will take you to the Show Download for that particular show which hosts the Playlist of the show and a large button saying download . Click the download button and the show you require will be downloaded to your computer (remember though the files are LARGE and will take some time to completely download .)

The Playlists for all shows in whatever genre you are requiring are hosted on the Playlis Page again Located on the menu at the top of the page.

Clicking on TspCountry Home will return you to the Main Site Home Page.

To access the other Genres , Americana & Into The Light follow the procedure as you read above for Country Legends.